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Super Growth Energy - Energy Stone Shower Filter

Energy Stone shower filter

A Healthier Shower Experience

The acclaimed Japanese Super Growth Energy Stone will elevate your shower experience to a level unmatched by any other shower system. Far-infrared energy and healthy negative ions contribute to  healthier hair and skin, while filling your shower area with invigorating negative ions.

The elegant hand held  design of Energy Stone Shower Filter allows it to be used with ease and convenience. In its set position, swivel it from side to side or up and down for the position that suits you. The 60 inches of hose allows for flexibility of use. A 5 micron sediment disc protects against clogging and lengthens useable cartridge life.

Lift the shower handle from its anchor, and it becomes an easy to use shower wand. Allows for convenient rinsing of walls of shower areas as well. The far-infrard enrgy, healthy negative ions and water that is softer to the skin, provides a luxurious and healthier shower experience.


A Healthier Shower Experience



Energy Stone Shower System



Particle Disc.

5-Micron Stainless Steel Mesh Disc. Micro/particle sediment disc blocks rust, sand or anything larger than a red blood cell from entering cartridge and shortening filter service. If your water has high sediment, disc can be removed and cleaned as required.

22 oz. KDF-55. Delivers more than 30,000 gallons of up to 99% free chlorine removal, for 12-15 months cartidge service for one to three persons, depending on amount and length of showers taken, and water quality. Skin irritations and hair problems associated with chlorinated water are significantly reduced.

Ferrite Ceramic produces water with lower internal surface tension; giving shower water a softer, more delicate  feel on the skin. Also increases water's solubility which, along with the far-infrared effect, contributes to better conditioned and repair of damaged hair.

Super Growth Energy Stone and Far-infrared Ceramic.
These two media emit both far-infrared energy and healthy negative ions, with SGE Stone radiating higher mid-range energy in the 4-14 micron wavelength. The FIR energy activates the cells of the skin when showering. Due their natural anti-bacterial qualities, the SGE Stone and FIR Ceramic have a healthy effect on the skin, which over time, visibly contributes to the lessening of the effects of atopic dermatitis.
The output of invigorating negative ions adds freshness to the . bathroom environment. Detoxifies harmful organic compounds and inhibits the growth of bacteria, algae and fungus in cartridge housing.


Additional Shower Features

  • Hand held wand with 5 adjustable spray settings .
  • Swivels side to side/up and down for convevient positioning .
  • Available in polished chrome,brass or brushed steel finish.
  • Estimated installation time: 10 minutes.
  • Shower housing and cartridge housing made in United States.

Energy Stone shower filter

Three finishes to choose from


Typically the cartridge should be replaced:

                The Energy Stone Shower System includes a 5 micron stainless steel mesh disc designed to lengthen cartridge life by preventing the intrusion of sediment into the cartridge housing.

The Energy Stone Shower Cartridgeshould be replaced once every 12-15 months .
Or when you notice a change in your skin or hair, or smell of chlorine

Sediment Protection: No backwashing is required, as the Energy Stone Shower Filter addresses the problem of sediment intruding into the filter cartridge with a custom made 5 micron stainless steel mesh disc. This keeps any particles or sediment larger than the width of a red blood cell from entering the filter cartridge.

The 5 micron disc is preceded by a large particle disc. Both discs can be easily removed from the top of the cartridge and cleaned if necessary. This can be done as needed before the end of the cartridge life of 12-15 months.

Micron Disc Maintenance: If your water has high sediment, micron disc can be removed and cleaned as required. Should you notice a drop in your shower pressure after a few months of use, simply remove the cartridge from its housing as you would if changing it. Then remove particle barrier and micron disc from the top of the shower cartridge. Using a stiff brush (i.e., toothbrush or fingernail brush) under warm water, scrub micron disc with a circular motion, and then with a north/south, then east/west direction.
Turn the white particle disc upside down and run under warm/hot water for about 10 seconds.

Replace both discs to the top of cartridge housing, and replace cartridge to filter housing. If you would prefer to purchase a new micron disc instead of cleaning it, it is available for $13.00, or two for 18.50.

Operating Specifications;
Rated Capacity (in US Gallons)        30,000 +(Energy Stone) or 40,000 (KDF Only)
Approximate Flow Rate                    2.5 gal/min  (9.46 L/min) .
Housing Construction                      High Impact Plated ABS .
Maximum Working Pressure           100 PSIG (689.5 kPa) .
Minimum Working Pressure            30 PSIG (206.8 kPa) .
Maximum Operating Temperature 140º F /71º C .
Minimum Operating Temperature   34º F/1º C .


Comparison to Wellness Shower Those who are familiar with, or have used the Wellness Shower Filter (no longer available), may want to know how does the Energy Stone Shower compare with that filter. Energy Stone Shower is superior in both percentage of free chlorine removed throughout the cartridge life, and the benefits of its enhancement media.

The Wellness Shower filter contained the same mineral  media  was used in the Wellness water filter. Although there was an original Wellness Filter in Japan, there was no Wellness Shower. Japanese shower filters do not use drinking water minerals for shower use with the exception of certain types of ceramics.

Although both the Bakuhan, Taicho and Magnetite mineral used in the Wellness Shower are ideal for drinking water, neither mineral are ideal for use in showers. While the Bakuhan mineral is used in Japan in medical bathing spas because of it curative effect on the skin, it is the bathing application should be noted.

A bath provides contact with water in a soaking application for 30 minutes or more. And the Bakuhan mineral itself remains in contact with water in large filter tanks that may stand 8 feet tall and 5 feet wide. This is not the case in a shower filter where the water is fast flowing and the contact time is short. As for the anti-bacterial nature of Taicho mineral, this feature is more than addressed by both the far-infrared ceramic and Super Growth Energy Stone.

Magnetite ore has a very weak magnetic strength, not enough to cause water to be structured in even in a drinking water filter. Its magnetism is improve by the use of ceramic magnets. However in a shower application this mineral is not required, as shower  water is for external use. The ferrite ceramic used in the Energy Stone Shower Filter is more than adequate for reducing structure, for a softer feeling water.

Understandably then, the Energy Stone Shower  Filter has been designed specifically for external, shower  use. The Far-infrared ceramic and Super Growth Energy Stone both emit far-infrared energy and negative ions, which are ideal for contributing to healthy hair and skin. And both media contribute natural anti-bacteria and and fungus properties to water both inside and outside the shower cartridge. Please see the Energy Stone Health website for more detailed information about Super Growth Energy Stone, and applications.

In so far as the amount of media used, both Energy Stone Shower, and Wellness Shower cartridges weight 32 oz. However, Energy Stone Shower uses 28 oz. of combined media, with a 4 oz. cartridge shell. The Wellness Shower used 18 oz of media, with the remaining 14 oz being cartridge shell and internal hardware.

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