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Whole House Iron Water Filter / Hydrogen Sulfide Reduction Filter

Iron filter

If your home's water supply has high iron, manganese or hydrogen sulfide content, you should consider the addition of a whole house iron / hydrogen sulfide reduction filter to your water treatment system.

This filter contains a KDF 85 /Granular Activated Carbon Cartridges which reduces these contaminants through an oxidation / filtration process, thereby substantially improving water clarity, taste, and odor, while at the same time protecting your plumbing system including toilets, bath tubs and showers, and appliances such as clothes washers and dishwashers from unsightly staining.

It adds no harmful chemicals to the water, making it completely safe for drinking water applications. Iron and manganese reduction will also prolong the life of a reverse osmosis membrane or BelKraft water purifier in your home.

This filter should be installed on the main cold water line after the pressure tank or water meter. For best results we use a pre-sediment treatment of a 50 to 5 micron DUAL-GRADIENT DENSITY, PRE-FILTER CARTRIDGE.

Click HERE for all the details on the cartridge

Triple whole house water treatment system for iron


best price filter   Fraction of the cost of competitive iron removal systems

filter cartridge   Easy to replace cartridge - no media regeneration necessary!

no backwash   NO backwashing required!

pH level   Effective over a wide pH range

hydrogen sulfide filter   Also removes manganese and hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell)

no harmful by-products   Does not add harmful bi-products to your drinking water

no iron staining   Prevents staining of laundry and plumbing system including you shower and tub

long filter life   Relatively long filter life - cost effective long-term operation

filter installation   Simple installation

small filter   Small size (only about 20 inches by 24 inches!) - save valuable floor space!

water septic system   Will not harm your septic system

iron filter flow   Radial flow design for high flow rates and extremely low pressure drop


Application: This system should be employed as a whole house application where low to moderate ferrous (dissolved) iron, manganese, or hydrogen sulfide contamination is known or expected. This filter will also remove ferric iron through mechanical filtration, although a sediment filter may be a more cost effective choice. This filter is most effective where iron contamination level is less than 3 ppm (and no greater than 5 ppm) or the hydrogen sulfide level is less than about 2 ppm. While the filter will indeed remove these contaminants when these levels are exceeded, the filter life expectancy may be shortened significantly, and contaminant removal may be incomplete. If a combination of iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide are present, you must consider the "iron equivallent" level when determining if this filter will work effectively in your circumstance (see below). Best contaminant removal rates are achieved where the pH is 7.0 or higher for iron and hydrogen sulfide reduction.

This filter is not recommended where pH levels are less than 6.9. For pH levels ranging from 6.5 to 6.9, we strongly recommend the Delux iron filter .

The life of the filter depends on the contamination level ("iron equivalent") and amount of water consumed on a daily basis. You can get a good idea of how long a filter will last in your case by using the chart below.

"Iron Equivalent" is calculated as follows: (Iron level) + (2 x Manganese level) + (3 x Hydrogen sulfide level)

If your level of Hydrogen sulfide is unknown (it is hard to accurately test for) and you have a noticeable "rotten egg" odor, assume a Hydrogen sulfide level of 0.5 ppm. If the rotten egg odor is severe, assume a level of 1.0 ppm.

Example: Test results are 0.8 ppm iron, 0.2 ppm manganese, and you have a rotten egg smell in your water.

        Iron Equivalent = (0.8) + ( 2 x 0.2) + (3 x 0.5) = 2.7

Approximate Life of Filter Cartridge
Iron Equivalent Level in Water Total Gallons
Water Used
250 GPD
(four people)
125 GPD
(two people)
75 GPD
(one person)
5 ppm 16,000 gal 64 days 128 days 256 days
4 ppm 20,000 gal 80 days 160 days 320 days
3 ppm 26,000 gal 104 days 208 days 416 days
2 ppm 40,000 gal 160 days 320 days 640 days
1 ppm 80,000 gal 320 days 640 days 1280 days
0.5 ppm 160,000 gal 640 days 1280 days n/a

What types of contaminants are you dealing with?
Problem Likely Cause
rusty red or brown staining of fixtures or laundry and/or your water has a metallic taste excess iron
black staining of fixtures or laundry excess manganese
rotten egg smell from water Hydrogen sulfide (H2S)

Specifications & Operating Conditions:
Housing Material Polypropylene
Location of Manufacture Canada
Maximum Recommended Flow Rate 6 Gallons Per Minute (23 LPM)
Recommended Operating Temp. Range: 40-100°F (4.4 to 37°C)
Recommended pH level: 7.0 or higher for iron and hydrogen sulfide reduction
Maximum Recommended "Iron Equivalent": 5 ppm (mg/l) - see above

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