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Presenting world's first Mineral RO technology based water-purifier. Now, whenever you will drink water from the BelKraft Mineral RO water purifier you will be sure of:

•  More pure water... free from bacteria and viruses as it will be purified through a Doulton Sterasyl ceramic plus RO.

•  Free from dissolved impurities like salts and heavy metals, as it will be purified by RO process.

•  Having essential natural minerals too as it will be purified by Mineral RO technology.

The quality of drinking water is deteriorating day by day. One has to drink water now even from bore-well, overhead storage tanks & water tankers, besides municipal tap water. These water sources generally contain bacteria, viruses as well as more dissolved impurities like salts & harmful chemicals.


We present the BelKraft Mineral RO water purifier based on our patented Mineral RO technology which remove even dissolved impurities while retaining essential minerals and offers double purification of bacteria & viruses. These purifiers are suitable for all types of raw water like bore-well, overhead storage tanks, water tankers & municipal tap waters.

Now you can purify any source of water & reduce the load of excess soluble impurities in your body.

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