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Who Else Wants a Beautiful Stainless Steel Water Cooler?

Stainless steel has always been a popular look, but recently, because of becoming more affordable to manufacture, sales of stainless steel water coolers has exploded. With every passing year, more and more people are purchasing stainless steel, as it continues to grow in popularity. And people move their other appliances and gadgets to stainless steel.

Our stainless steel water cooler uses a unique process to form the panels. This allows us to have more than usual amounts of stainless steel on the front of the cooler which gives this cooler it's modern, attractive appearance.

The stainless steel is a thick guage material that resists denting, and made of a very high quality grade of metal. It's specially engineered to keep a lustrous appearance for many years of heavy use.

Get the look that shouts modern elegance, put one of our stainless steel water coolers in your office or kitchen today.

Oxygen in Ozone Form Rips Apart Bacteria

bacteria in water coolers

Water coolers need to be cleaned regularly because they build up bacteria over time.

Put a lid on a half filled pot of water. Leave that on your counter for 6 months. Then take off the lid, and run your finger across the top of the pot. Do you feel that slimy gunk that's formed inside of the pot? That's a solid layer of bacteria. What's called a colony.

Our advanced system fires a measured burst of ozone into the water cooler. Ozone oxidizes bacteria on contact, breaking them apart. So they don't have time to grow into a colony.

Mold and viruses are also easily destroyed by the powerful oxygen action. This leaves the water cooler healthily clean, which also results in a pleasant, fresh taste. Like drinking water from a sparkling clean glass. 


Your Choice of Filters, Two, Three or Four Stage

We've designed our water cooler to be easily accessed through the front panel. With standard fittings, you can service your filters easily within minutes.

The size of the filter compartment is 12.5" Wide x 10.5" Deep x 21.5" High. Plenty enough room for even our larger purifiers.

We offer the following filter combinations as well.

Ozone Cleaning
Sediment Filter
Yes Yes
Pre Carbon Filter
Ultrafiltration Membrane
Reverse Osmosis Membrane
Post Carbon Filter

Enormous Cold Water Tank Supplies a Huge Office

Normal POU water coolers use a large storage tank that just keeps water at room temperature, and a standard sized cold water reservoir. We combined the two into one giant cold tank.

Using our patented ice chill technology we are able to chill a massive volume of water. Standard water cooler technology would have the compressor running non stop to keep the gigantic 2.72 gallon cold tank cooled. But our ice chill technology forms a large ice ring in the cold tank, keeping all that water cold, without the compressor running overtime.

To give you an idea of the actual volume, this represents about 43 eight oz cups. Keep in mind, this just represents the number of of cups if a line up of 43 people was to draw off one cup at a time in succession. But as water is drawn out, and new water comes in, mixing with the ice ring, and more cold water is generated. The bottom line is, you will be extremely hard pressed to find a location for this cooler where the supply of cold water runs out.

Colder Water Tastes Better, And Serves More

Have you ever had water that wasn't very cold from a water cooler? This is common, as industry standard for water cooler temperature is about 50F/10C. That's not very cold. For comparison, fridges cool drinks to about 40F/5C

Our ice chill technology gets our water just as cold or colder than refrigerator temperatures. Which means the water tastes better.

We use a large ring of ice to chill our water cold. People have reported using about 30% more water from our coolers because the water just tastes better when it's ice chilled.

Those figures speak for themselves. Using our water coolers makes drinking water that much more enjoyable.

The large ring of ice also makes this a perfect cooler for large volume use, such as at offices, schools, warehouses, or large families that want a lot of water at once. When the cold tank is emptied of chilled water, warm water rushes in from the bottle. The ice mixes with the water, chilling it quickly.

Normal water coolers don't have this ice ring to quickly chill the water. Instead you have to wait 15 or 20 minutes for the water to cool down again. Otherwise you get warm water.

Lasts Up To 6 Times Longer

Our unique Ice Chill Technology is a lot gentler on the cooling mechanisms. Because our water coolers make a lot of ice, they turn on far less frequently that other water coolers. Other water coolers focus on chilling water. As water temperature fluctuates up and down a lot the thermostats turn on and off a lot.

Our steady cooling only turns on a fraction of the time other water coolers turn on. That's because the ice steadily keeps the water cold, which prevents the thermostat from switching on again.

The water is kept at an optimum temperature. In a normal cooling system, as water is drawn out into cups, and warm water comes into the cooler, the water in the cold tank is warm. The thermostat detects this, and switches on.

In our water coolers, when you take water out, and warm water enters the cold tank from the bottle. The warm water gets chilled by the ICE. This decreases the amount of times the thermostat needs to turn on and off.

When no one is using the coolers, the ice slowly melts, keeping the water at an evenly cold temperature, reducing the burden on the thermostat. Other brands constantly turn on and off as their water temperature fluctuates without the ice. Over time this wears down the thermostat and compressor starter. Two parts that any seasoned water cooler technician will let you know are some of the first parts that break down.

If you want a long lasting water cooler, our ice chill technology does wonders in extending the life of the parts that traditionally fail.


Steaming Hot Water Means No More Wasted Tea

The most frustrating thing with hot water in water coolers is when it's not hot enough. Have you ever had the experience of trying to make tea with hot water from a water cooler, and it not being hot enough to properly make the tea? This is a common experience, as the regular hot tank technology heats irregularly. Sometimes the water will be very hot, other times not hot enough to make tea. This is because the thermostat cycles the temperature over a wide range of temperatures.

We've designed a special system that keeps our water steaming hot at all times. Out of all the hot tanks we've tested, our design keeps the water at the highest average temperature. This means our water is always steaming hot, which means you won't need to throw out any more cups of tea because of not so hot water.


Prevent Those Disgusting White Flakes In Your Hot Water

One of the most disappointing things that can happen with your water cooler is white mineral flakes. If you're like me, you like using hot water to make warm drinks, whether tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

Over time, normal water coolers will develop white mineral flake buildup in their hot tanks. This happens when water that contains minerals, which can happen when using 2 stage carbon, or even ultrafiltration membranes. Hot water tanks heat the water at high temperatures. This causes the water next to the heating element to quickly boil, which precipitates minerals from the water. If you have ever seen the inside of an electric water kettle, you'll have seen how the flakes build up around the heating element.

This is a very common problem with hot water in water coolers. It takes a few years to build up, but after that, you're hot water will spit out disgusting white flakes into your cups. Our AntiFlake technology gently heats the water in the hot tank. Because the heating is done gently, you don't get the same type of mineral precipitation as in other hot tanks. That means you can go on using our hot tanks for years without seeing those nasty little flakes.


Child Resistant Hot Faucet

Our child resistant faucets prevent accidental spilling of hot water. They are more difficult to operate that standard non-safety faucets, as they require actions in two different directions order to activate.

That being said, toddlers are incredibly smart, especially when it comes to getting into trouble. So we recommend that the hot water switch remain shut off if toddlers will be unsupervised around the water coolers, just in case.


Save Energy By Switching Off Your Hot Water At Night

On the back of the cooler you'll find a switch for the hot water. If you'll be out all day, it might make sense to switch this off, and you'll save little bit in electricity costs.

The hot water function is excellent. If you like drinking tea like I do, it beats having to wait until the kettle boils. When you're busy, you may not have time to fill the pot wait till it boils, steep the tea, wait till it cools, and then drink it. You can convert what is usually a 20 minute process into the latter part where you just steep the tea until it's ready to drink.

Our hot water system is highly energy-efficient, but it's still a waste to leave it running all the time when you're not using it.


Generous Drip Tray Catches Those Irritating Spills

If the drip tray is too shallow, there's a risk of water spilling and making a mess. Our deep drip trays are perfect for catching water that misses your glass. Or water purposely spilled by an adventurous toddler. They are easily detachable for dumping out water.

Don't Waste Time With a Slow Water Flow

Have you ever waiting a long time to fill up your glass at a water cooler? If so, you're not alone. Most water coolers pour water out at a torturously slow rate. People are used to the rush of water that comes out of kitchen and bathroom sinks. So the slow drip of most water coolers is a source of frustration to many.

We've designed our faucets to fill glasses fast. They fill a standard sized cup in less than 4.3 seconds. Other models we've tested have taken 12 seconds! If you drink 8 glasses a day with that cooler, you've wasted 36 seconds a day. And 6 hours and 15 minutes a year. I'm sure you can think of better ways to spend your time!


Certified By All Kinds of Global Quality Assurance Agencies like ISO9001

Our water coolers have qualified for many global electrical standards. Our factory has also received certification from many independant inspection agencies. We have CSA US, CE, RoHS, Energy Star, SGS, ISO9001, as well as other certifications proving our quality from independant sources.


Handy Carrying Handle Makes Installation a Cynch

Water Coolers are not the lightest thing in the kitchen to move around. And they're also awkward to move. In order to make your job easier, we've added a carrying handle at the back of the cooler. This was you can easily position it as you like. Or if you'd like to move the cooler upstairs, downstairs, or to the cottage, the handle is balanced to carry the cooler easily with one hand.


Rest Easy, We Supply Spare Parts, Just in Case Something Breaks

One thing I see frequently on the internet are people not being able to find parts for their appliances. In the case of water coolers, often people break the faucets, and can't find replacements.

Our water coolers are built to last, but some parts may be damaged over time. For example a dog may scratch the front of the water cooler. Or someone may knock it over when the kitchen is being redecorated.

Whatever the reason, we'd like you to know that many of the parts are stocked at our warehouses. If you're concerned that we might not carry parts 10 years down the road, you can buy a parts replacement kit.

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