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Handle Replacements

No matter how long ago you bought your Vacumatic Waterless cookware we can match up your handles.

Over the last 50 years there have been many styles of Vacumatic with about ten different styles of handles and we still stock most of them.

Basic long and short handles (sorry for the poor images. We are working on it)

replacement handles for Vacumatic cookware

Lid vent knobs (Click on the image for a clearer picture)

Vacumatic cookware handles

Side handles, long handles or lid knobs retail for 15.00 plus a shipping fee.

The most common handles are the Luxury Line as shown below.

Please note that we no longer make the T shaped vent knob. It is now round. There is a benefit to this. The lid can serve as a pot holder when placed upside down.

Should you see something on our web site that interests you, we could throw in the handle replacements free with any purchase.

Call us for details at 613-523-7800 or write to info@waterfiltercanada.com

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