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V.O.C. Canisters

V.O.C.'s (Volatile Organic Compounds) are gasses and chemicals that are emitted in your home from objects and products like: paints, household cleaning chemicals, furniture etc.

Carbon acts as a sponge to adsorb V.O.C.'s. The standard carbon blanket that comes with every Amaircare product is a very effective 'sponge', but with carbon, the more surface area there is, the more V.O.C.'s it can adsorb. So, the more carbon the better.

Amaircare provides an optional V.O.C. Canister with all of it's Central Systems and most of it's Portable systems. The V.O.C. Canister has a much larger surface area of carbon, so it's collection capacity is greatly increased. This makes the V.O.C. Cartridge the filter of choice for situations where increased V.O.C. Removal is important.

There are 2 types of V.O.C. Canisters.

100% Carbon: All Carbon to remove most common chemicals and odours.

40% Zeolite & 60% Carbon: A zeolite and carbon mix to broaden the range of chemicals and odours adsorbed by the V.O.C. Canister

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