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Softener, Chlorine, Iron and Sulphur

For Whole House  

When you appreciate a healthy lifestyle, you will appreciate a good quality water system.

No Salt Softener Chlorine
Softener +
Chlorine Filter
Softener (Deluxe)    

no salt water softener

chlorine whole house filter

water softener and chlorine

platinum water softener



No Salt Softener
Retail Price $2800
Now: $1960

No Waste,
No Salt,
No Maintenance


Water Conditioner
Retail Price $1885
Now: $999



Retail Price $2200
Now: $1350


Premium Soft
Retail Price $1950
Now: $1250


Iron and Sulphur Filters (Deluxe)
Chemical Free

Iron and Sulphur Filters (standard)
Chemical Free

Softener (Standard)

Softener Cabinet
iron and sulphur filter iron and sulphur filter Standard water softener



Retail Price $2600
Now: $1796

Retail Price $2200
Now: $1650


Superior Softener
Retail Price $1200
Now: $1050


Retail Price $1700
Now: $1250

** not available for delivery... only sold in GTA.

Proudly Canadian

Softener + Chlorine Combo Benefits:

  • Smoother skin and silkier hair
  • Removes chlorine and chemicals
  • Removes scale build up on pipes, water appliances, and water spotting.
  • Clothes are softer, cleaner, brighter
  • Dishes are cleaner with less soap.
  • Appliances using water such as dishwasher, clothes washer, water heaters, boilers, ice makers etc. last longer and more efficient.
  • No maintenance required and no salts to replace.

Hard Water

Soft water is gentle, beautifying, enriching.  Soft water means soft, clean skin; soft silky, more manageable hair.  Hard water prevents soap from lathering easily and makes it difficult to rinse off.  It often leaves an invisible film which blocks pores, attracting and holding dirt and bacteria, causing chapping, itching, and dryness.  Hair washed in hard water becomes limp and lifeless; hair coloring frequently does not penetrate evenly.  Water that has been softened help eliminates or reduce these problems.  It enables you to use lesser quantities of soap, shampoo, and skin care products, and increases the efficiency with which they work.  Now with Water Filter Canada water softeners you can enjoy the luxury of a softer world.

belkraft water softeners

Softer Skin, Shinier Hair

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